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Our sponsors for XP Days Benelux – Dutch edition 2019

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Cegeka is dedicated to helping companies survive and thrive in a digital world. We do this by means of advanced IT solutions, strategic thinking and a hands-on approach.

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For organizations that lost their passion or effectiveness, Co-Learning has brilliant people and techniques that help you grow engaged and motivated teams who will be able to handle any change that today’s quickly shifting economy needs.

Together, we build so called learning tracks where we tailor our A-B-C model to your specific needs so all transmitted knowledge is instantly valuable for all attendees. Applying our A-B-C model through several iterations has proven very successful in many different domains.

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Do you remember working in an organization that doesn’t motivate you? Remember that program that was all about budget and targets and no fun? Fortunately, our world of work is moving away from this. New ways of structuring teams and organisations appear, cooperation and leadership are rethought. We are entering an era based on self-organization and self-direction instead of top-down hierarchies. We genuinely value our employees, customers, partners and our planet. It is a change iLean embraces greatly! Are you ready for it?

We help you to create an environment and mindset that is open to change and give you the necessary tools en processes to master that change, by providing coaching, training and guidance. We help you install effective and collaborative decision making models, design a resilient and agile organisation and show you how to change your culture to self-organisation and self-management, based on equivalence, accountability and transparency. We use Sociocracy 3.0 as our main guide, and bring in additional techniques and tools when needed. So you can become a happy, healthy workplace and an organisation that makes a difference in the world.

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*** Unleashing organisational superpowers by assisting the discovery of local solutions ***

The Liberators take a radical approach to organizational change. Rather than taking the lead, they empower people within organizations to drive change themselves. As facilitators they create space where people can tackle difficult challenges together while also having fun.

Having a strong focus on radical transparency, an experiential approach and creating a shared purpose, they put organizations in a position to thrive on complexity rather than being defeated by it. 

Are you ready to leave your comfort zone and unleash your superpowers?