Sponsors 2021

Our sponsors for XP Days Benelux – Luxembourg edition 2021

Conference Sponsor

Since 2004, Agile Partner has been helping its customers to exploit the innovative potential of software technologies and the human potential of their teams. We are building a decidedly open organization in which each of our employees (more than 50 passionate professionals to date) is led to develop their skills and commit themselves to serving our customers to create maximum value.


Thursday Evening Drinks

For organizations that lost their passion or effectiveness, Co-Learning has brilliant people and techniques that help you grow engaged and motivated teams who will be able to handle any change that today’s quickly shifting economy needs.

Together, we build so called learning tracks where we tailor our A-B-C model to your specific needs so all transmitted knowledge is instantly valuable for all attendees. Applying our A-B-C model through several iterations has proven very successful in many different domains.