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Session Submission

How does it work?

To get high quality sessions from new and seasoned presenters alike, we apply an iterative, incremental and collaborative method from session idea to session delivery at the conference:

  1. You have an idea, a problem or an interesting experience you’d like to share.
  2. Create a Session Proposal. You just need a title and a short description. Specify the presenters of the session. Session submission ends July 9th 2021 23:59. For the 150 minutes sessions we require try-outs to be performed to guarantee the quality of the session. We will only program a maximum of two of these sessions.
  3. Fill in details for your session as you get new ideas and feedback from other participants and the organizers. In the experience level, please indicate the knowledge or experience level requested from the participants. Use a 1 for beginner level, a 2 for experienced, a 3 for mastery level.
  4. In return, help at least 3 other participants improve their session. We use the Perfection Game to give clear, constructive feedback.
  5. Contact the organizers if you’re looking for or offering coaching to new presenters.
  6. After 09/07/2021 , you can no longer submit sessions but you can continue to improve existing proposals. At this time, no additional co-presenters are allowed.
  7. Before the program committee meets, you can vote on your favourite top 10 sessions you’d like to see in the program.
  8. At the beginning of September, the program committee composes the program based on votes and other selection criteria, balancing topics, session types and program constraints.
  9. We contact presenters to inform them of the acceptance and rejection of their proposals and to confirm their availability.
  10. From mid September on, we will publish and fill in the program as presenters confirm their participation.
  11. You can continue to improve your session and session description until two weeks before the conference. We recommend you perform as many tryouts of your session as possible. We will provide tryouts opportunities with the Agile Belgium and Agile Holland communities.

Submit your session here. If you have questions, contact us at [email protected]

Selected sessions

The presenters of the sessions that are selected for the program will receive one free ticket to the conference. If you already bought a ticket it will be refunded. As presenter you must also register for the conference.